New Mobile Data Destruction Vehicle Provides On-Site, High Security Data Eradication

January 31, 2008

ST. LOUIS (January 31, 2008) – EPC, Inc., a subsidiary of CSI Leasing and the largest professional electronics recycler and remarketer in Missouri, has added a service called Mobile Data Destruction, featuring one of the industry’s first Data Destruction and Recycling Vehicles (DDRV), to its Asset Recovery Solutions division to provide on-site data disposal solutions for businesses in the United States and Canada.

EPC’s Mobile Data Destruction service and DDRV provide a means to safely shred hard drives and related media for a client on-site, following a set of guidelines developed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for the destruction of non-classified information.

“Getting rid of information off old hard drives is a critical function that can severely damage or even ruin a company if not properly addressed,” said Kenn Ritchey, vice president of procurement and marketing for EPC. “Our Mobile Data Destruction service enables our technicians to work at a company’s location and completely destroy information on all types of electronic devices. We shred hard drives, back-up tapes, blackberries and cell phones — all items with information issues — into tiny pieces for environmentally friendly recycling within the United States.”

EPC’s DDRV is handled by EPC technicians on-site within the confines of client docks or related work areas. It’s a 26-foot box truck equipped with a shredder mounted within the bed of the truck which is designed for all types of media destruction, including hard drives up to two inches in thickness, tapes, cell phones, PDAs, etc. The action fully eliminates critical chain-of-custody concerns for clients. The entire process is uploaded in real time to EPC’s web-based application for remote access by all approved parties. Witnessing of the destruction process is both welcomed and recommended.

EPC is an approved electronics recycler with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the largest DNR certified electronic waste recycling facility in the State of Missouri. The company maintains a Zero Landfill Policy and Zero Export of unprocessed equipment to Third World nations. Additionally, EPC has signed the Basel Action Network Pledge of Responsible E-Waste Stewardship.

EPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing, Inc. EPC offers a wide variety of PC-related services, including new and used PC systems. For more information about the Mobile Data Destruction service, visit