Sale & Leaseback

Flexibility is at the heart of everything CSI Leasing does and as such we’re committed to providing a range of financing methods to suit our customers’ requirements. You may have recently purchased some equipment, but decided that leasing is a better fit for your organisation. In this instance, CSI can purchase your assets at the invoiced or current book value and then lease them back to you for a term that you are comfortable with, ensuring your IT is on an efficient refresh cycle.

Choosing to finance your purchased technology equipment will free up your capital to use for better revenue and profit generating activities. Once a sale and leaseback agreement has been reached, the processes involved are much the same as our standard SmartTrackSM leasing programme, including full access to our online asset information system MyCSISM. You will also benefit from our excellent end-of-lease services, removing the hassles of equipment disposal.

To find out how we can lease your purchased assets, please contact us.