Legal Sector

Maximise efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Having the latest technology is an integral part of every law firm, yet ownership is not always a cost-effective option. And with the 2011 Legal Services Act, competition has become increasingly fierce. Leasing allows you to drive down the cost of keeping your IT network up-to-date and efficient while maintaining a clear, competitive advantage.

CSI Leasing can give you the edge you need to differentiate your business from competitors. We offer affordable solutions that minimise the cost of ownership, remove the responsibility of disposal and make it easy to stay one step ahead. Our independence means you can combine multiple systems, from multiple manufacturers, under one lease. And with offices around the world, we have you covered when your firm expands.

Since protecting clients’ data is essential in order to maintain ethical standards, CSI Lifecycle Services offers a full in-house solution to meet your data security needs. This encompasses secure data wiping and WEEE compliant disposal. For maximum protection and total client confidentiality, we also offer on-site destruction of data using our mobile hard-disk shredder. By working with CSI, your firm can rest assured that we have the processes in place to protect your data.

Watch how CSI helps one customer with the financial management of his law firm’s technology infrastructure.